On Tuesday 04 September 2007 16:40:27 Dan Nelson wrote:

> Also, packages from the -stable directory may have
> different/conflicting dependencies compared to existing packages on
> your system.  Imagine installing 6.2 before the x.org-7 update, then
> trying to "pkg_add -r" a package from the -stable directory that
> depends on an xorg-7 feature.  pkg_add just isn't smart enough to
> realize that you really need to upgrade all of X, and will probably
> fail the install at some point.

The same applies to a 6.2-STABLE before x.org-7 update, no difference there.

It's not about port dependencies, it's about base-system dependencies. It 
doesn't happen often that within a minor release update a library gets a 
version bump, but binary incompatibilities may still occur.

For -RELEASE you are expected to upgrade from source. Typical behavior being 
that ports only get upgraded when portaudit reports them unsafe.


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