Get a personal website from the ISP

Upload a file to the personal webserver

Download the file from the personal webserver.

If the bandwidth isn't what it's supposed to be, then
have the ISP call the local telephone company and have
that company check to see that your modem is training at
the correct rate.

adsl modems will train at lower speeds if there is
trouble with the phone line.


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> Subject: ADSL Bandwidth Monitoring
> Hi all,
> I have an ADSL connection at home.
> When I'm _uploading_ files the whole upload bandwidth is consumed; so 
> far so good.
> But when _downloading_ no more than 30~40% of download bandwidth is 
> consumed.
> The guys in the ISP say they've granted me the requested bandwidth but 
> this is not what I see in action.
> How may I know the real bandwidth limits of my connection?  Any tool or 
> trick?  Or maybe I'm misunderstanding something about ADSL bandwidth?
> TIA,
> Bahman
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