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> Get a personal website from the ISP

Definitely - testing from anywhere else than somewhere in your ISP's network
will add to the equation all the bandwidth-affecting-factors to/from the
*other* network / hosts. Once you've proven your point within your ISP's
network, you can move on to discuss whether your connection to the outer world
is worse than expected.

> Upload a file to the personal webserver

I would suggest "a large file" - small files will not be good enough for
measuring your download speed. at least > 20 Mb.

> Download the file from the personal webserver.
> If the bandwidth isn't what it's supposed to be, then
> have the ISP call the local telephone company and have
> that company check to see that your modem is training at
> the correct rate.
> adsl modems will train at lower speeds if there is
> trouble with the phone line.

indeed, issues with your phone socket where u connect your modem to + overall
quality of the line will make a big difference. I drop from 3.5 Mb / 900K from
on socket in my place to 2.8 / 600 in another. Same phone line ,different
cable/socket, same modem. (that's the speed reported by the modem itself).

BTW, what is the speed reported by the modem itself? most modems have a webpage
to get , at least, this information from - even if running in bridged mode.
Check the manufacturers website for information on how to do this.

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