We have SMTP AUTH set up on our mail server. Our mail server accepts mail for several domains.

Outgoing messages from [EMAIL PROTECTED], and [EMAIL PROTECTED] goes out fine, but emails going out from [EMAIL PROTECTED] are getting:

Domain of Sender does not exist ([EMAIL PROTECTED] 5.1.8

The oddest thing, is that this server is the MTA for z.com. Sending to [EMAIL PROTECTED] will end up on this box no problem.

I did not set up our DNS, and it is in Active Directory. In our DNS "z.com" in the Forward Lookup Zone has A record for the email server, and MX record for the email server.

What could be hanging this up? The x.com and y.com are not specified in our DNS locally at all, so I am not sure how to model the DNS for these domains.

Also, when I 'paused' the z.com zone, I got the
Domain of Sender does not resolve 4.1.8 error.

Any leads on where my DNS or configs might be not able to resolve this domain?


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