On Saturday 15 September 2007 01:01:03 Gary Kline wrote:
>       Sometimes when I ssh from a remote server and edit a file with
>       vi, my [Backspace keys] are not interpretered correctly.
>       Instead of erasing characters and backing up one byte and
>       clearing that character my cursor moves forward.
>       Example: typing "This" as "thos" and backspacing to the 'o'
>       I'll see "thos^?^?"    Can anybody 'splain what idiot thing i'm
>       doing wrong and how to fix it?
>       tia,
>       gary

Does this also happen when you use vim?
I wonder if you are really using vi and not ee or some other editor.
I had many problems with vi so I did 'touch .vimrc' in my home directory

cd ~
touch .vimrc

I use vim rather than vi and if I remember correctly, when I first installed 
FreeBSD, 'vi' was actually a symlink to 'ee'.  I might be wrong about that.

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