Am using FBSD-6.2p7 Sendmail-8.13.8
I spent several days trying different configs to relay mail from my sendmail 
relay received from another relay using postfix -- to a Windows server only 
listening on port 2525. So far no luck and all attempts to relay to the Windows 
server shows "service not available." Receiving emails from the sending postfix 
relay okay and my sendmail relay is attempting without success to deliver to 
the Windows machine.
Here's the setup:
1) From - Postfix ( = domain.tld smtp:[]:2525
2) To: My Sendmail Relay accept (access file -     RELAY
     mailertable = domain.tld     smtp:[]     
3) Relay to: Windows Server containing the users - listen to receive port 2525
Steps #1 & 2 works okay, but #3 shows service not available.
Similar tests using another #3 machine listening on normal port 25 worked fine.
(but, not until I disabled the mailertable domain     smtp::[]
How do I make #2 send on 2525  ???
Is it possible the postfix conflict with my mailertable?
I have reconfigured my file over & over from its defaults to this:
FEATURE(`no_default_msa')dnldnl DAEMON_OPTIONS(`Port=25, Name=MTA, 
Family=inet')DAEMON_OPTIONS(`Port=2525, Name=MTA')DAEMON_OPTIONS(`Port=25, 
Name=MSA, M=E')dnl DAEMON_OPTIONS(`Port=587, Name=MSA, M=E')
Any of you MTA experts can help me?
This is driving me nuts (I know, walk, it's not that far) :^)
Thanks so much!!
All the best,
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