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Hi all

Hoping to get some help setting up software RAID5. Guides on the internet seem to be few and far between, and official documentation is a little too technical. Basically I have 3 x 500GB hard drives which I'd like to have in a raid5 configuration, using software, root partition on their too would be
a bonus. I'd be grateful for assistance.

What you need for RAID5 is gvinum(8), which replaces the older vinum (4)

Hi, reading the BSD Handbook I did find this out and I've been trying to use it.

If you google for gvinum you'll find tutorials etc.

I have found a couple of tutorials but like I said it is either too technical, or not descriptive enough and none of them describe root on raid 5 :(

AFAICT, you can't have the root device on a RAID5 gvinum. Just make a
small root partition.

I read in the FreeBSD hanbook that I can have root on raid 5 by doing the following: "There is another option as well, to have /boot/loader (Section 12.3.3) load the vinum kernel module early, before starting the kernel. This can be accomplished by putting the line:
into the file /boot/loader.conf."

This was on the following page: http://www.freebsd.org/doc/ en_US.ISO8859-1/books/handbook/vinum-root.html

The handbook is good, but it only describes how to do raid 0 and raid 1, it says I can do raid 5 but doesn't describe the process. I also totally stumped at how to make a raid 5 device and install freebsd on it - the sysinstall doesn't allow the configuration of raid arrays and I can only install to a slice. I need access to tools such as gvinum before installation... but how? Oh the pain!

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