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> Subject: Why is sendmail in the core of FreeBSD?
> Just been wondering about this. If you do a standard install of  
> FreeBSD it includes things such as a basic FTP daemon, all the  
> various utilities such as df, ls, etc. SSHD etc. I assum these are  
> all in FreeBSDs core, as developed in the same CVS repo. Having read  
> the mails on this list for several weeks it seems obvious that most  
> people regard Postfix or EXIM to be the best MTAs,

Wrong.  Most people who have POSTED consider Postfix/Exim better than
sendmail.  This is not at all any kind of scientific or accurate

You might consider also that Postfix is under the IBM license which
has an "advertising clause" that is incompatible with the Berkeley/
FreeBSD license that FreeBSD is under - and EXIM is under the GPL
which is utterly and totally incompatible with the FreeBSD/Berkeley
license and would probably cause problems for commercial users of

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