Wojciech Puchar writes:

>  > My problem, many times I install some software from ports, it install
>  > the dependency software. Then after some time, I find that software
>  > isn't what I want, and deinstall it. At this point, the dependency
>  > software isn't necessary as well. Is there a way to clean them
>  > automatically, like the apt-get autoremove in the Ubuntu system.
>  possibly there are better methods but i do:

        Also: ports-mgt/pkg_cutleaves.
        Personally, I distrust anything involving the term
"autoatically remove", doubly so when it involves recursion.  All it
takes is one bug in the script, or fumble-fingers at the keyboard,
and you're looking at major re-installation.  This is a job for the
Mk. I eyeball.

                                Robert Huff

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