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On 9/24/07, Andrew Falanga <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> At the suggestion of someone who responded to my requests for help with
> WebGUI, I decided to ask this question here.  What CMS programs would the
> community here suggest for use because, to be frank, I'm less than
> impressed
> with WebGUI.  It is for use with my church.  The following are at least
> some
> of the requirements.
> 1) Most important, it must be completely simple for the computer
> illiterate
> and especially web illiterate to maintain.  Basically, a very simple and
> easy to use GUI interface for web site maintenance is a must.
> 2) Calendaring
> 3) Username/password authentication to the site for maintenance and
> upkeep.
> Ideally, this system would use OpenSSL or something similar for encrypting
> username/password combinations.
> 4) The capacity for a public and then private side to the church web site.
> That is, we'd like the ability to have the "front" end that is available
> to
> the world, e.g. welcome to the church, etc.  Then have an area for church
> members to log into that provides greater depth to information access
> (perhaps prayer chains, etc.).
> They are the must haves for the site, now for the "like to have also" in
> the
> site.
> 1) Possibly, though probably not a deal breaker if not possible, a system
> that would allow a central figure to review changes made by individuals
> before being published to the site.
> 2) Written in PHP.
> 3) Utilizes PostgreSQL instead of MySQL.
> 4) Has an integrated (or module available) to allow e-mail access, i.e.
> send/receive.
> 5) If possible, something in the FreeBSD ports collection.
> Just a quick review of Content Management Systems from,
> I
> saw and am interested in comments about tikiwiki.  However, I saw while
> looking through Content Management Systems at wikipedia, that there are
> many
> open source, freely available CMS programs to be looked at.  From this
> site,
> I've downloaded and am trying phpWebSite.
> Anyone with experience with these systems (CMS, not necessarily tikiwiki,
> WebGUI or phpWebSite), your feedback would be greatly appreciated.  Also,
> recommendations as to computer "horse" power necessary for these systems
> would also be nice.  We're using, what most small churches would probably
> use, an older system that was replaced by a laptop for the
> secretary.  It's
> an AMD Duron 700 mHz w/256 mb of RAM.  I'm not planning on running X on
> this
> system, to conserve resources, but should we look into a beefier system at
> a
> later time?
> Thanks for any insight into this.
> Andy
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