On Tuesday 25 September 2007 14:22:56 falz wrote:
> > Maybe someone can build a WITNESS/DDB kernel, since dumping seems to be
> > failing?
> I compiled these options in last night, but I'm afraid I'm not quite
> sure what special steps I need to do to utilize those options, if any.
> I built that kernel, booted into it, started xorg with the nvidia
> driver, it immediately reboots just as it did before.
> Something else that's odd that just started happening that's similar
> to the original poster- their xorg.conf was being truncated to zero
> bytes. Mine somehow gets changed to what appears to be a different
> version. The bottom line in it is about 20 "U"s, and the 'Driver
> "nvidia"' lines I added were gone. I have several xorg.conf files
> named other things, but none have these characteristics.

I fear it's a hard reboot then, if DDB doesn't catch anything. DDB is a kernel 
debugger, even if dump isn't on, it will catch panic stages.

Stray bytes and truncated files are another sign of hard reboot. I'm afraid 
only nvidia can catch this one. Try downgrading to Xorg 7.2 and use the 97xx 
series of the driver, then freeze it until you see some solution posted :p

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