On Wednesday 26 September 2007 23:40:26 Aliya Harbouri wrote:

> I did not know I COULD split swap.  Hum.  How does the system
> use/allocate each across the split ... Ok, ok. That's what Googling's
> for :-)

Actually, swapon(8) tells a lot ;)

> > > Unless you're a packrat where logs are concerned,
> I'm not, really.  I probably SHOULD be.
> > you can probably do with:
> > > /var 10G (on disk 1)
> > > And use:
> > > /var/db 100G - this will house MySQL primarily
> > > /var/spool 10-50G - any queues, most notably mail, disable softupdates.
> > > Adjust size to match your mail payload.
> > > /var/mail - "rest" - possibly disable softupdates.
> Good thoughts. Need to better understand why I care about softupdates
> one way or the other, though.

Generally, a mailserver doesn't benefit from softupdates, because it will wait 
for "committed to disk" signal from OS, to prevent mail from being lost. Over 
time you will also get a good idea of what kind of mail you're dealing with 
and tunefs(8) might be beneficial. It's one major reason I dislike "/data" 
mountpoints containing all different kinds of services. Over time budget and 
usage have a way of conflicting and you'll be happy to get any extra 
performance outof your machines.

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