Hello everyone,


I am relatively new to the FreeBSD game and have a bit of a problem which I
am not sure how to tackle. I recently build a server running VMWare ESX
Server 3 which will eventually run 6-7 small production VM's. These Virtual
Machines obviously have the need for backups and it poses quite a problem
for me unless I connect 6-7 external tape drives and give each VM it's own
tape device. I have looked into a few solutions using VM products
(consolidated backup) but it can only be done if you utilise a SAN. 


The server is running RAID 5 with around 700GB of space. Each VM may take up
to 50GB and backups might be around 15-20GB per VM. The machine itself has
an internal LTO3 tape drive, has anyone come across this kind of situation
before, and if so what would be a good way to backup each VM? It is easy
enough to backup the image files from the host machine but I need file level
backups within each VM also.


I will be very grateful for suggestions or ways people have tackled this
kind of problem in a production environment.








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