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Subject: Re: Perl 5.8.0 next to 5.5003

> Go to the top level of the perl port and type: use.perl port. That will
> set up your system to use the new port instead. It writes to
> and does some symlinks. You can go back by typing use.perl system.

Thanks for the reply. :)

But I do not ( yet ) want to use perl 5.8.0 as default. Especially so, since
half my programs would miss all their modules. I was just looking for a way
in which I can gradually start to install 5.8.0 modules, without having to
make 5.8.0 the default. Or I could switch from "use.perl port" to "use.perl
system" whenever I install a new package. But on a live system, that may not
be ideal.

- Mark

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