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I'm wanting to use BASH as my root shell, so I compiled a
statically linked
I would suggest using bash as your toor shell instead. toor
exist precisely for this purpose.
Yeah, I'v done that in the past, but I really dislike csh, I
don't want to use
it EVER =p
I don't understand, why would you see csh if you login as toor
It has no shell in the /etc/passwd entry by default.
Maybe it then defaults to csh (which is really tcsh) if nothing
else is given.

It defaults to sh

Anyway, I prefer tcsh, but if the OP just has to have it bash,
it is easy to do.

I actually value my ignorance of tcsh, it prevents me doing anything
ambitious if I forget where I am. Explicitly selecting another shell is
like a safety-catch. And tsch is fairly friendly without knowing much
about it.

All the OP has to do is install bash from /usr/ports/shells/bash and then edit /etc/passwd to change the last field for toor - after the
last colon - to point to where it installs bash (/usr/local/bin/bash
maybe) and then it should all be fine.

Yes , that's what it's for.
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Hey look,
BASH is not a UNIX shell.
BASH occurred with Linux then carried over into FreeBSD.
While it has "some" advantages, it is still a bastard.

UNIX is written in "C"

Want the best you can get? Use "tcsh" as a shell and let the linux community do whatever they want.


Z. Wade Hampton
A UNIX person
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