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Not anymore! Every time I cvsup my ports tree and I see all of those ports that need to be updated my belly aches and that's because portupgrade doesn't work the way it used to work. It is not fun any more! Always an issue, either a port conflicts with another port or
it fails all together.  I have forgotten the last time I updated my
ports without any issues.  Today scrollkeeper is conflicting with
rarian, they install files on the same directory.  Go figure.  Those
were the days when it used to work.

From /usr/ports/UPDATING:

    Portupgrade users:
        # pkgdb -Ff
        # portupgrade -f -o textproc/rarian textproc/scrollkeeper
        # portupgrade -a

Seems like a PEBKAC.

From :
"Rarian (formerly Spoon) is a documentation meta-data library, designed
as a replacement for Scrollkeeper."

Not a portupgrade issue.

Knowing how this will probably cause flame "issues", it *could* be argued that it is a portupgrade issue and not necessarily a pebkac issue. These tools are supposed to automate upgrade and figure and sort dependency issues and such automatically as much as possible. Slowly I see more and more instances of people having to refer to UPDATING to do more manual alterations to sort issues out.

Where is the line drawn between too much manual supplemental fixes and people wanting to be able to issue a couple of commands to upgrade their system without breaking something, perhaps something they rely on in a production environment?

Just a thought.
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