ok, I did not buy any kind of servers in recent times.

Before I either took Tyan motherboards for real low-cost servers and either got them built into a machine by the supplier or even did it myself.

Both routes offered the best price/performance ratio.

In all other cases I took Fire servers from Sun.

I believe the biggest difference between IBM and Sun will actually be the people who will finally arrive at your site in case of problems.

The same should be true for HP.


Andrew Wasilczuk wrote:

I'm interested to see what servers people use for FreeBSD.  I used to
buy the IBM xSeries x306 for firewalls and web servers and the x206 for
low budget file servers, but both aren't being sold anymore.  I recently
got a few IBM x3200 and x3550.  They are really nicely built and I
hardly have any problems.  However, the on-board RAID controllers
(Adaptec AIC-9580W) aren't supported under FreeBSD so I fit them with
3ware 9000 series RAID cards.  Although I really like those 3ware cards,
it seems like an extra expense that could be avoided.

What servers do you guys buy and why?  I would really like to have the
on-board RAID supported. Do HP servers play well with FreeBSD?  If yes,
which models would you recommend?

Many thanks,


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