"Mike Loiterman" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Absolutly nothing appears in the httpd-access.log file when I try to access the 
> When I try to do http://localhost I get nothing.  Just this:
> unable to connect to remote host.
> I've restarted apache many times with the same results.  I restarted my machine with 
>the same results.  
> I can telnet into port 80 but Apache doesn't appear to answer.  Something tells me 
>that the daemon isn't running correctly or that Apache was installed incorrectly, 
>although 'ps -aux | grep httpd' shows:

What does "doesn't appear to answer" mean?  The fact that you can
telnet in tells you that it isn't a network-layer issue.  Did you try
a legitimate HTTP request?

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