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On Wednesday, February 05, 2003 10:31 AM [EMAIL PROTECTED] 
<mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> "Mike Loiterman" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>> On Tuesday, February 04, 2003 9:11 AM [EMAIL PROTECTED]
>> <mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote: 
>>> "Mike Loiterman" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>>>> Absolutly nothing appears in the httpd-access.log file when I try
>>>> to access the index.html. 
>>>> When I try to do http://localhost I get nothing.  Just this:
>>>> unable to connect to remote host.
>>>> I've restarted apache many times with the same results.  I
>>>> restarted my machine with the same results.
>>>> I can telnet into port 80 but Apache doesn't appear to answer.
>>>> Something tells me that the daemon isn't running correctly or that
>>>> Apache was installed incorrectly, although 'ps -aux | grep httpd'
>>>> shows:
>>> What does "doesn't appear to answer" mean?  The fact that you can
>>> telnet in tells you that it isn't a network-layer issue.  Did you
>>> try a legitimate HTTP request?
>> Well I telnet to 80 and it just says refused:
>> [02:22:47 root@little_boy: /etc/mail]# telnet localhost 80 Trying
>> telnet: connect to address Connection refused
>> telnet: Unable to connect to remote host
> Ah.  So you *can't* telnet into port 80.  That's different.
> Use sockstat(1) to see if anything is bound to port 80, and look at
> firewall rules to see if something's blocking it before it gets there.

[13:41:19 root@little_boy: /etc/mail]# sockstat | grep 80
www      httpd      30322 3  tcp6   *:80                  *:*
www      httpd      30321 3  tcp6   *:80                  *:*
www      httpd      30320 3  tcp6   *:80                  *:*
www      httpd      30319 3  tcp6   *:80                  *:*
www      httpd      30318 3  tcp6   *:80                  *:*
root     httpd      30309 3  tcp6   *:80                  *:*

Hrmm...seems to be bound to thr right ports???  I'm not sure how to check the firewall 
rules, as this machine is already behind a firewall.  Even so, wouldn't the 
http://localhost bypass any firewall stuff?

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