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On Nov 11, 2007 3:55 PM, Tino Engel <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Look what happened to Beastie:

Nice!!!! Can you produce an icon size one (or a powered by size one)?

Here you go with the icon...(Attachment)
I think I didn't make it to get the white background transparent as it would be nice for an icon. Maybe someone who knows how to do it, can do it, otherwise I'll play around sometimes in this week.
We haven't received it, because the list filters attachments. Coud you perhaps upload it to your site, too? Anyway, do you offer these for free use? Maybe we could put it to some part of our website?

Some time ago, a FreeBSD user posted some great CD artworks to the lists and I remember there was some legal questions to arrange due to the FreeBSD text on the graphics before we could have addes them to our site, but the topic slowly disappeared and nothing happened. It's a pity that good stuff disappear and only leave some track in the archives, so I'm trying to get the chance to save this one for the wide community now. Please tell your opinions. Also, doc@ added to CC list.


This is neither my website nor my picture...
I just found it and wanted to show it to you...
Therefore the icon I created from it it only for private use...
I did not mention having created it... Next time I'll point out when I just found sth. Nevertheless I can check out the author (he is german, too) and ask him about the license issues...

Rg, Tino
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