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cpghost wrote:
On Mon, 12 Nov 2007 06:50:40 +0000
Tino Engel <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Nevertheless I can check out the author (he is german, too) and ask
him about the license issues...
It would be *really* great if the author not only agreed to put the
rendering under a permissive license, but also considered releasing
and licensing the (graphics/povray?) source code too. I'd love to
experiment a little bit with that! ;)

Anyway, whatever comes out of it, kudos for the great find! :-)))

Amen to that! I just would like to put it on my desktop/use it legally!

Seriously, if someone here can gain the free rights to it and pass it
along, then we all can say 'yay beastie!'.

/* will keep hidden on desktop
 * until told not to.
 * Would be nice if someone says
 * that we can use it!!!

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Well, I wrote the owner of the webpage, he told from where he copied the file. I wrote the owner of the other webpage, but he does not know, where it is from. It has just been send in by mail, that's how he gets his wallpapers...

So the "more original" source of the picture is but there the trace has to stop.
What a pity, but I do not think that any more could be done.

Greez, Tino
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