On Tue, 4 Feb 2003, jim wrote:

>  I got two very good responces to a question I asked here even though I
> didn't really know what I wanted so. I will atempt to be more specific I
> am trying to setup bsd on an old machine .aptiva IBM from 1995 32megs of
> ram 133 mghtz proccessor 1.5gig maxtor hd.
>   I have been running linux mandrake as a stand alone system for four
> years and in the last year I have tried several others mostly linux,
> however I want to try learning different ones.  I want to be able to set
> them up to do the things a user wants to do.
>   So far I have not been able to get freebsd to play a game surf the net
> or any other aplication what so ever. I am not descouraged I have gotten
> windowmaker to come up at least. I don't care what destop; gnome ,kde,
> windowmaker,icewm,fwm,afterstep, I end up useing I just want to be able
> to learn to have it read my  jvc digital video camera stills and do
> email and surf the web.inter chat rooms and the like . If there are
> freebsd aplications that are easier for someone like me to set up and
> run I need to know what step to take to get bsd running the best way
> possible. well on my free time that is how do i get it to dial up iv
> read the pppdeamon thing and can't sortit out from the ethernet
> networking which I know is simalar but I have no intreat in hitching the
> machines together i just want to get the modem to dail up the internet.
You are on the right track, trying different applications: it
will take some time to find things that run well on an older
machine. Try to get some more RAM, if you can, this will always
improve performance.
Regarding your modem you should read
# man ppp
They describe how to test your modem manually in "terminal mode".
When you found out the right configuration put it into
to start it automatically.

Have fun!

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