ann kok schrieb:
Hi all

I don't have idea how to write this script, please

I have thousand records in this format indexed by

FileNo:    001
Name:      NameA
Address1:  AddressA1
Address2:  AddressA2
Phone:     PhoneA
Created by

I need to write a script to replace those Fields eg: (NameA AddressA1.... if it matchs the
to get Data in this file

FileNo:001 Name A AddressA1 AddressA2 PhoneA FileNo:002 Name B AddressB1 AddressB2 PhoneB FileNo:003 Name C AddressC1 AddressC2 PhoneC
Thank you for your help

It is definetely an issue for the 'awk' utility.
Here is a working solution, although it could be done somehow shorter using patterns (I do not recall how they worked.
But I have tested this one, it does the job.

#awk -f prog.awk <yourfile>

prog.awk should contain:
if( $1 == "FileNo:")     { printf( "%s%s ", $1 , $2) }
if( $1 == "Name:")       { printf( "%s ", $2) }
if( $1 == "Address1:") { printf( "%s ", $2) }
if( $1 == "Address2:") { printf( "%s", $2) }
if( $1 == "Phone:")       { printf( "\n%s\n", $2) }

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