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I'm trying to compile a non-port application for the first time ever.
The associated library built and installed just fine - I can see them
right in /usr/local/lib and usr/local/include/libnamefoo.h  However,
when I run ./configure for the application, it clearly can't find the
libs.  So my question is, should I be changing my path, is there a
standard variable I need to export, or what?  Obviously for ports this
just works, so I've never had to do it.  I'm sure there's a standard
way, so I thought I'd get in the habit of doing that right from the

The first thing you should do is read the install docs - usually README and INSTALL. Then run this command in the directory where you untar'd the source files:
# ./configure --help

This will tell you all the available options for configure, most likely ones like --includedir and --libdir and --bindir and others that may be helpful.

As a lost resort you can edit the Makefile to add pointers to the libraries, but that usually is not necessary.

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