David Benfell schrieb:
Hello all,

I don't know what the story is, but Java is locking up my
system badly.  Even if I knew how to get details, I wouldn't
be able to because the system is completely unresponsive.

As a workaround, I have gone into /usr/ports/distfiles and
renamed the jdk* files to names with DO-NOT-INSTALL in
capital letters and linked the original filenames to /dev/null.

I do not want java installing again on this system ever under
any circumstances.

With java, at least, I believe I have to download the files by
hand if there is ever an update.  But what if I identify other
ports that are causing me problems?

Also, in deinstalling jdk, I found that apache-ant relied upon
it, but I couldn't see what depended on apache-ant.  Is there
a workaround for apache-ant?


A way to prevent java from installing would be to do
chmod 000 /usr/ports/java/*jre* /usr/ports/java/*jdk*

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