David Benfell wrote:
On Fri, 23 Nov 2007 09:32:21 +0330, Bahman Movaqar wrote:
On 2007-11-22 David Benfell wrote:

On Fri, 23 Nov 2007 08:09:02 +0330, Bahman Movaqar wrote:
However, keep in mind that ant is a build (make) tool for Java
applications.  It is quite possible that there are no applications
that depend on ant for running and at the same time it is likely
that if you deinstall ant you won't be able to build (run?) some of
your Java applications anymore.

Given that I do not feel I can afford to have Java on the system, this
is a sacrifice I feel is necessary.  In the process of updating ports,
apache-ant has already been reinstalled.  I had installed kaffe when I
removed jdk*; but apache-ant now seems to depend on diablo-jdk.
My guess is that when updating ports some Java application is also
being installed which requires build from source and as a result
installs ant.  It'd be good to check the installed applications for a
Java one.

So here's a question.  I see that OpenOffice and Firefox are both using
Java (ouch, this hurts).

I also see now that java_vm is not exiting even after the applet should
have finished running (this with the Blackboard applet that I have specifically
identified as problematic).

Can these ports use kaffe instead?  Or is there a way to force java_vm to
exit without my having to babysit it?  Killing java_vm takes down Firefox
as well.
earth% pkg_info -r diablo-jdk-
Information for diablo-jdk-

Depends on:
Dependency: xtrans-1.0.4
Dependency: xproto-7.0.10_1
Dependency: xextproto-7.0.2
Dependency: javavmwrapper-2.3

earth% cat /var/db/pkg/diablo-jdk-

At least I do not yet see java_vm (which seems to have been the
culprit in cases where I was able to get back into the system) yet

When I encountered difficulty this morning, I had left both firefox
and an ports upgrade running.  In the past, I had associated the
problem with a java script from Blackboard at the university where I
attend and teach, but in the situation this morning, I had not
invoked that script.

So I'm guessing that java_vm had been invoked by apache-ant which
previously depended on jdk* rather than diablo-jdk*.
And, is there a way to tell which other ports rely on java?

I am wondering if I have any reason to believe that diablo-jdk is
sufficiently different from jdk to avoid the problem.
I see now that it is not.

No clue here.  But I guess it's not about java_vm that your system goes
blank since I'm working/developing with both diablo-jdk-1.5.0_06 and
jdk-1.6.0_01 on an average machine running 6.2-p7.

I upgraded to RELENG_7 hoping to make a USB problem go away (symptoms
changed, but problems remain).  I did not experience the problem prior to
this upgrade.
I'm not sure but I paste my javavm_wrapper configuration.  It might be
# JDK 1.6

# JDK 1.5

I have now deinstalled diablo-jdk and:

earth# JAVAVM_DRYRUN="YES" java JAVA_HOME=/usr/local/kaffe
At the moment, I don't have a way to invoke the evil applet.  What I don't see
is where this configuration is; what you have above doesn't look at all like
the /usr/local/etc/javavm_opts.conf on my system.  Is this because you stripped
the comments?


kaffe won't be available for 7.x until it's officially released and someone makes the binary.
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