Am Freitag, 23. November 2007 16:29:45 schrieb Olivier Drouin:
>       I read
>       and it looks like this is what I need though I'm not sure.
>       It's not clear if this patch will allow me to *control* the fan
> speed.
>       Right now it's full speed all the time and if I can slow them down I
> would be happy.
>       Can this patch be applied to 6.2?

I can't remember mbmon commands, sorry. Too long ago...
I guess the patch will only work with 7.0 and 8-current 

>       I think this board is 2 years old, it should have been supported by
> now, at least the fan speed should follow the
>       temperature of the system
>       Again it's an Intel server board se7230nh1-e (entry level server
> hardware).

I know that intel had their own monitors, I couldn't find a way to make it 
usable some years ago. If I remember correctly I had to satisfy with 

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