On Thu, Nov 22, 2007 at 10:39:51PM -0800, Gary Kline wrote:
>       I can live with gnome-cd to play my CD's ...  or use sound-juicer
>       to play and extract if I want to use up that much space.  But
>       nothing that we FBSDer's have will copy an audio CD using the ATAPI
>       drive.  

Have you tried Grip? It rips tracks (and encodes them if you want)
which can then be burned using burncd(8). Grip also has a CD player
with it.

It uses cdparanoia to do the ripping.

>       The online handbook clearly spells it out.


>       But is there any other way?  Has anybody cobbled together a
>       script that uses dd and burncd?

Not necessary.

>       thanks much, 


Disclaimer: I've never burned an audio CD, just know you can do it.
See burncd manpage.



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