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On Wed, Dec 12, 2007 at 03:08:50PM -0600, Cesar Amaya wrote:

Robert Huff wrote:
> Cesar Amaya writes:
>> napstats# fstat | grep "/tmp"
>> www      httpd       1739   15 /tmp          4 -rw-------       0 rw
>    Can you afford to shut down the web server (Apache ?)?
>                            Robert Huff
Nothing is shown if I shut down the web server. But I saw something
weird when I run # fstat | grep "/tmp", was something like this:

<someuser>        mail.local       1739   15 /tmp          4 -rw-------
73917491734 rw

Looks like something, maybe your mail program has a large file open -
maybe trying to receive a huge file.   Killing the process could get
that file closed and either it would be gone or would finally show
how much space it is holding.

Yep. Trying to stuff a 73GB file into a 1GB filesystem isn't going to work very well. At this point I think your only option is to restart the mailserver. Hopefully that will release the file from memory. Then you can delete whatever pieces of it are left in /tmp.

I'd also look at your maillog to see what the filename and type of that message was (huge zip attachment?) and suggest to your user that he get the file some other way.

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