Andrew Falanga wrote:

I'm working on setting up a server for both WWW and e-mail.  We're using
apache 2.2 w/PHP support (for phpWebSite) and for e-mail I'd like to stay
with sendmail for the MTA, but I've not used any servers that will allow for
POP and IMAP.  What in the ports would be good suggestions from those here
who've used them?

Everyone has mentioned dovecot -- maybe I should check it out -- but I have been using courier-imap for 5 or 6 years and like that POP/IMAP package. All clients connect fine, it does SSL (POPs/IMAPs) and never gives me any trouble. The multiple rc.d files are kinda silly. I've been using it on a mail machine to serve 200 domains and about 2,500 email addresses -- never seems to crash, never requires restarts.

Oh, and I use sendmail as the MTA (with 

- Rudy
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