> > I've read the website and i figured that vtun is for binding two networks
> > together. The problems that i have is that:
> >
> > 1. My FreeBSD internal system is not doing routing/nat, it has only one
> >    interface with an RFC1918 IP on it. The router is an Allied Data 810.
> > 2. My FreeBSD webserver doesn't have an inside interface, only an outside.
> Neither of these points prevents you from using vtun.  Nor does either of
> them make it any more difficult to use, really.  Actually, they're both
> good reasons to use vtun.
> Just set up your webserver as the vtun 'server' and the MySQL server as the
> vtun 'client'.  Make sure to use TCP (not UDP) and things will work just
> fine.

hmm, ok, i'll give that a try.

> > I Hope this makes it a bit clearer, or you be able to tell me where i'm
> > wrong in this.
> I'm not sure exactly _where_ you're wrong, but you are.  It can be done,
> quite easily in fact.
> What about your setup makes you believe that vtun can't create the connection
> you want?

that fact that all examples that i've seen are using NAT and linking
multiple networks. That's not what i'm trying to do.


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