John Nielsen wrote:
On Tuesday 18 December 2007, Erich Dollansky wrote:

There are at least two better ways of doing this that will take less time and not put unnecessary load on the CVS servers.

this was the main reason for asking. If all would do it, CVSup would be of no help at all.

1) Delete "work" directories after building ports. If you use the "clean" make target it will do this automatically. I typically do "make install

This is what I always did but it is also time consuming on slower machines.

2) Use WRKDIRPREFIX. I set this in my .cshrc, but you can set it manually or

I have not noticed this before. This sounds to be the best option. It will result it what I want and still will not put any load on any machine except of mine if I have to rebuild.

See "man ports" for more information on the port build infrastructure and associated make targets and environment variables.

I do this ones in a while but never noticed or did not understand the use of WRKDIRPREFIX.

The other thing in the ports collection that tends to take up space is the distfiles directory. If you want to delete it wholesale then go ahead

I do the cleaning work manually there. I delete only double entries to avoid additional downloading.


I think, it really does.

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