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David Kelly wrote:

Remove all the temporary work files, and remove all distribution files
that are not current with the ports' Makefiles:

# portsclean -CD

Requires the portupgrade port.

In the past, doing a global make clean wouild die, especially on ports that were marked broken. I don;'t know if that's been fixed, because about once a
month, i just do:

find /usr/ports -type d -name work -exec rm -rf {} \;

I've had the -delete fail from time to time, I can't remember the error, but doing the rm via the -exec keyword, that's never failed, and cleaning out the
work directories, that absolutely cleans stuff up quickly.

Not sure how deep the buffers are for wildcard expansion but apparently deep enough to do the above simpler. I use tcsh, selection of one's shell has everything to do with wildcard expansion.

# cd /usr/ports
# rm -r */*/work

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