Scot Johnson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I recently converted my old HP Pavilion 6330 to FreeBSD 4.5. It has 48 MB
> RAM, 4GB hard drive, and 300 Mhz AMD K-6 processor.
> I also have a small wireless network in my home. An Apple Airport base
> station w/ iMac and iBook, both running Mac OS 10.2.3 Jaguar.
>   I'd like to try and get the HP on the network. I got a Linksys PCI card
>   (WMP11) and installed it. I checked the kernel config and it included wi,
>   awi, an, etc. This lead me to believe that wireless networking was
>   configured into the kernel.  However, the system doesn't seem to recognize
>   the PCI card. I'm unsure, however, whether the specific PCI card I'm using
>   is supported, or I'm just doing something stupid (which is quite
>   possible).  I used ifconfig and sysinstall to attempt to configure the
>   networking card. But like I said, it doesn't show up. If I could get the
>   card to work, my plan would be to use DHCP to join the network.
> I'm basically a novice. I've been working my way through _FreeBSD Unleashed_
> to try and figure this out, but I seem to be stuck. Any pointers would be
> greatly appreciated. If I could get this thing up on the network it would
> make my day.

My first guess would be that pccardd isn't running. In any case, you'll
probably want to read through:


  Dan Pelleg

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