On Wed, Jan 02, 2008 at 07:11:42PM -0500, Rob wrote:
> Chris Maness wrote:
>> I have an ABIT VP6 dual socket that I want to use as my FreeBSD server.  I 
>> only have one CPU installed, and I was told that if I were to add another 
>> CPU that the serial numbers of the CPU had to be sequential.  Is this 
>> true?  I see these processors on e-bay for $7 it would be nice to 
> I assume you mean "BP6".

Why?  The Abit BP6 and Abit VP6 both exist, and are two different
motherboards, with the VP6 being newer and supporting faster CPUs.

I see no reason to not believe he did mean "VP6". 

>  It's best that they be the same "stepping" 
> number;  this is like an engineering revision level in Intelese. Usually 
> looks like "SLQ7" or similar.  But it wasn't required on those boards.  Of 
> course Intel never sanctioned Dual Celerons, which is what made it so cool 
> :)  I still have one of those with very low hours that I keep thinking I 
> should dust off and recommission for sumpthin'.
> I hope you're not using this machine for any critical applications.  All 
> the ABIT boards of that day (circa 1999) had really low quality 
> electrolytic capacitors in the voltage regulators that are notorious for 
> failing.  And the BP6 had one cap that got a totally wrong value installed 
> on the board.  Google BP6 capacitors and you'll find lots. Also www.BP6.com 
>  Have fun.

Both the BP6 and VP6 have a reputation for bad capacitors (the VP6 even more
so than the BP6.)

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