Hi all

I've just try to install FreeBSD  7.0RC1 on my new Dell PowerEdge 2900 with
PERC 6/i with two raid volumes on with 2 disk (2*80Go) and one 6 disk
(6*750 raid5).

The first volume (80Go) is perfectly working and the server boot normaly.

But on the second volume I've got 

        A geometry of 455672/255/63 for mfid1 is incorrect.  Using  etc...

and when I don't care this message when I create a slice he say there are 

        DISK Geometry:  455672 cyls/255 heads/63 sectors = 7320370680 sectors 

(The size is correct).

But when I try to create a partition 

        Disk: mfid1     Partition name: mfid1s1 Free: 3025403321 blocks (1442GB)

and that it's not fine because I lost....2.1 Tb

I cannot see how I can find the correct geometry with the bios of my
server, I try every menu on the bios, raid controlor menu etc... and don't
find anything.

Anyone known what I can do to have all my space ?


Albert SHIH
Observatoire de Paris Meudon
SIO batiment 15
Téléphone : 01 45 07 76 26
Heure local/Local time:
Mer 9 jan 2008 15:26:28 CET
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