Hmmm, I'm confused

> If you want to have your aliases attached to the tl0 
> interface, you need to use addresses in that range.  So, 
> something like:
> ifconfig_tl0_alias3="inet XXX.82.15.210 netmask 0xffffffff"

That's what I have, and I'm getting those funny arplookup error

> The subnet mask for xxx.82.15.219 would mean you could use 
> addresses that are "masked" when the subnet mask is applied.  
> I would recommend reading up on masking in your copious free 
> time. 

I'll definitely have a look around (think I have the CCNA books at

I have two DSL lines, one provides the 82.15.209+ and the other the
167.176.x, but both have the same subnet. I'm thinking
that this may have something to do with the messages?


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