On 2003-02-05 20:40, Nathan Kinkade <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> On Wed, Feb 05, 2003 at 07:49:53PM -0500, Louis LeBlanc wrote:
> > Sorry for the OT question, but how does one view the contents of the
> > binary logfiles?  I'm referring specifically to /var/log/sendmail.st
> > and /var/log/wtmp.  I've looked in the syslog manpages and can't seem
> > to find it.
> You can read:
> utmp with `w` or `who`
> wtmp with `last`
> not sure about sendmail.st.

Try running:

        # hoststat

The documentation for hoststat is sendmail(8), and it's use/setup is
explained in /usr/share/sendmail/cf/README.  Look for the definition
of STATUS_FILE in /usr/share/sendmail/cf/README and
/usr/share/sendmail/cf/ostype/freebsd4.m4 for details.

- Giorgos

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