(ffs_valloc: dup alloc). After plenty of 'fcsk -y' I got it fixed while losing few random files. :( The errors were mostly related to soft updates.

Should soft updates be disabled before using growfs?

False alarm. It's all the same with soft updates disabled.. I guess growfs needs some work.

ALWAYS fsck after growfs.

growfs is crappy at least, zero out the new space before growfs, but just if you can - simply backup data somewhere and use newfs.

growfs is for people that like challenges ;)

i have to use it growing 800GB filesystem to 1400GB, finally (after patching it a bit) i did it, but root directory was destroyed (no idea why). all subdirs appeared in lost+found so it wasn't a big problem then+i've got zero sized file in lost+found that i was unable to delete until i took off all strange flash with chflags.

but i did it ONLY because i had no way to back it up.
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