Chuck Swiger wrote:

[Bootloader overwrites Vista's "UID" in the MBR]

This has been informative-- perhaps someone ought to file a PR about having the installer try to preserve this UID in the MBR...?

Or perhaps send a message to -hackers.

I have been using FreeBSD for a long time so I wanted to have this
fixed somehow (and it has been). But I can imagine it might scare away
people who are new to FreeBSD: "What a bonehead system, it hosed my
Windows. I'll never use that crap again!"

Come to think of it, does sysinstall keep a copy of the MBR as it was
before the installation? That way, at least people can get their
precious little Windows (yuck) back without having to reinstall it.
If it doesn't, I think it would be a very desirable feature.

Just a thought (or two),


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