On Tuesday 29 January 2008 15:41:35 Darryl Hoar wrote:

> I have just installed 6.3-Release on brand new hardware.
> In the past, I have not done much to a machine after
> initial installation.  What should be done to a machine
> after successful installation of 6.3-release ?  Do I need
> to compile a custom kernel ?  Do I need to apply any
> patches ?

The next thing would be to decide what ya gonna do with it. Then all of the 
above may or may not be necessary.
- Traffic shaping with pf/altq needs custom kernel -> altq(4)

If you play games or use other apps that make processes grow beyond 512MB, you 
also need to set kern.defdsiz and kern.maxdsiz in /boot/loader.conf to a more 
desirable value (if you can spare the physical ram).

There's also freebsd-update, which will apply binary patches, following the 
security advisories.
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