John Nielsen wrote:
> Quoting Tore Lund <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
>> My new motherboard has the built-in VIA Chrome9 graphics processor,
>> which seems to use the xf86-video-via driver.  The driver works, no
>> doubt about that, but I badly want to configure gamma, contrast, etc.
>> There is supposedly a configuraton utility for Linux, but the few
>> comments I can find about it are not very encouraging.  After all, even
>> the s3gamma utility for Windows is rather clunky and lackluster.
>> I may simply have to buy yet another grahics card (there is no AGP slot
>> on this board).  But it seems odd that there is no way to configure this
>> processor, which otherwise seems fairly capable (unlike, say, the nv
>> driver).  Being able to somehow set gamma independently on the RGB
>> channels might be all I need.  Thanks for any hints.
> I haven't used it, but you may want to check out the openchrome project 
> ( There is a FreeBSD port available in the 
> ports tree under x11-drivers/xf86-video-openchrome.

Thanks, John.  I wasn't sure about this port.  I first tried to download
it as a package and started X with the driver "via" (according to the
documentation), but X did not find it.  I then got rid of the package as
well as the old via driver and installed xf86-video-openchrome as a
port.  It still did not work.  However, studying the new error message,
I decided to correct the driver to "openchrome", which DID work.

I must have come across some stale documentation.  At any rate, I can
now start X, and it responds to the Gamma line.  To some extent it also
works with xvidtune.  Screen size and placement is not perfect, but I
hope this can be improved when I have studied the "caveats" mentioned at
the openchrome site.  Things look promising now.

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