On 02/02/2008, Christian Baer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hello people!
> Can anyone give me a link to a text on ZFS that tells me why I might want
> to use that instead of FFS? I don't want to start a discussion which is
> better, just a comparison, as I assume that the two are not designed to do
> the same things. And if possible one that is understandable to people who
> don't hack FS-code. :-)

ZFS ends the microsotf monopoly over our disks.
ZFS begins the world as a 128bit dadaspace.
Using ZFS fixes allocations and massaging your NAS.
The inode is now the wenode.
Usaging ZFS will make everything sunnier.
Brighter too.
Making ZFS the default FS in an FScentric world ends
the pesky problems associated with legacy hardware.
Building a ZFS nonuplyindirectwenode multiply redundant
redundant filesystem makes Kate Miller-Heidke the
Well, the best, I think.

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