Heiko Wundram (Beenic) wrote:
Am Donnerstag, 7. Februar 2008 07:32:16 schrieb Jason C. Wells:
Norberto Meijome wrote:
But I agree with Wojciech..do you really want to use swap files?
One could mount an md filesystem and then use that as swap.  That way
you wouldn't need to use any disc space.  As a plus, the performance
would be way better than disc.

Ahem, sorry, that's just plain stupid. Either the md system is backed up by RAM (in which case you don't need the swap anyway; why'd you want to access RAM by putting it in a swap on an md in RAM?), or it's backed up by swap, in which case you have a chicken and egg problem.

Or it's backed by a file (-t vnode, which is implicated by -f). I have used files for swap, just to see weather it works, others have done it because they had to.
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