Jim Bow wrote:
Erik Norgaard wrote:
How about this:

ext_ifs = "{" iwi0 bge0 "}"
block in quick on ext_ifs all
pass out quick on ext_ifs all keep state

This is nice, but any ideas how to do this if the wireless interface is only present some of the time, ie its a pcmcia card?

If the above trick doesn't work, then I don't think there is an easy solution, pf fails loading rulesets when an error is encountered, which AFAIK would happen if an interface is not present.

An option could be to load rule sets as part of the interface setup. That means messing with the scripts in /etc/rc.d.

If you look in netif, then there is as part of the start() routine, a part that resyncs ipfilter. You can probably copy/paste this to do the same if pf is enabled and add a similar resync command to the pf script.

Just some ideas.

Cheers, Erik

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