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> Hah! Good luck... I never got it work either, There are wrappers all
> other barriers to stop you. And even then it may only work
> intermittently. Correct me if I'm wrong guys

I hear you. I have used both Firefox and Opera and have never gotten
flash to work as easily and consistently as it does under Windows. When
the added burden of having to use wrappers, etc, it is just not worth
the hassle. I have seen references to system linking files to make
flash work; however, I have better things to do than invest huge
amounts of time attempting to get something to work when it is already
technologically possible to do so without all that individual

It does seem rather ironic that we claim that FreeBSD is a superior OS
to Microsoft's Windows; however, we are unable to get even a common web
add-on like flash to work reliably, consistently. Finger pointing does
not alleviate the situation.



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