In the last episode (Feb 14), Wouter Oosterveld said:
> Hello people,
>  Doe anyone have experience upgrading the mysqlclient-4.0.x to
>  mysqlclient-5.0.x while retaining mysqlserver-4.0.x and linking
>  php4-mysql-4.4.2_1 against mysqlclient-5.0.x.
>  How would I do this? I got some clue about setting PREFIX and
>  configure option but not much.

portupgrade -o databases/mysql50-client mysql-client-4.0.26_1
portupgrade -f php4-mysql-4.4.2_1 

should be all you need, I think.  You'll probably want to portupgrade
anything else linked to the old mysql client libs too, just to keep
everything at the same version.  Why not upgrade mysql-server, too?

        Dan Nelson
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