i am facing a problem while extracting a package

1)i created a package using pkg_create

command used is :
*pkg_create -f cwd/filelist -p cwd/avamar -c cwd/comments -d cwd/desc*
package is getting created and it is in cwd

2)extracting it using pkg_add

command used is :*pkg_add packagename.tbz*
here package is getting extracted but it is extracted into cwd/avamar now
what i want is i want to extract it into a default location
can u please help me in doing this

3)using *pkg_add -p /usr/local/avamar packagename.tbz* we can extract it
into /usr/local/avamar but i do't want to do it in that format
after package is craeted if i give the command *pkg_add packagename.tbz* it
should be extracted into /usr/lcoal/avamar.
how to do this?

i shall be thank full to u if u can help me out in this issue..

*cwd : current working directory*

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