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You need something that costs too much, breaks down a lot,
and never uses standard parts if they can help it.
Mercedes? :)
Fits the first, dunno about the third.  Certainly not the second --
Benz are some of the best-engineered and built cars in existence.

Maybe BMW, aka Bunch-a Money Wasted or Bite My Wallet.

I wouldn't insult a quality car like that. Ive heard nothing but good
stories about them and it's something I'd buy myself. Very safe to

Ok. How about the new VW beetle? I've heard they're crap- not as good as
the original, expensive, poorly designed, break down a lot, and driven
by little teeny boppers with money to waste buying just for the frilly
stuff. Does that fit the bill?

We'll take a vote- all in favor say aye... :P

Might I suggest a 1983 Renault Alliance? The first car I ever owned and it was ... what's the word I'm looking for ... ah yes: horrible! i would have traded it for a VW Beetle any day. :-)

Chess Griffin
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