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> > Natham wrote:
> >
> >  > Both RAID got low performance, where can i check to fis that problem?
> >
> >  How did you determine that it is your RAID that is performing poorly,
> >  and not your network card or your samba or something on the 
> other system?
> >
> >  Kris
> >
> I dont. i check the performance for network trasfer only thats what i
> mean (trought samba). When im rebuilding the RAID 1 i got about 40mb/s
> from each disk.
> I think its a network issue or samba, but i dont know where to look at.

Looking at the RAID array if you think it's Samba or the network
is probably not a good idea.

You can eliminate the network pretty quick, open a command window
on your Windows boxes then FTP into the server (turn on FTP on the
server of course) and transfer some files back and forth.

Have you perhaps considered subscribing to the samba mailing list
and asking them?  Or looking through the samba mailing list archives?


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